Industrial Sector

SOLID DESIGNER is a company with a vast experience and collection of technological knowledge. It is formed by a group of engineers and technicians with long industrial experience.


SOLID DESIGNER designs and manufactures, with associated metallurgical companies, a series of equipment and systems for the Brazilian Industry. They are fully customized to the process, thus ensuring the success of the application. In these 15 years we have spent hours and hours in

• design, test and field tests of our equipment.


Our engineering always includes the active participation of customers in everything that concerns the definition of requirements, and always pointing to the best cost / benefit.


Through CFD software and the technology used to approach mechatronics, it is possible to create digital prototyping. With this technology, we can virtually explore the complete product, even before it is built.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Our professionals have extensive industrial experience in several areas, mainly in thermal processes, are always qualified to propose and develop solutions that allow us to improve our customers' production processes.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The typical solutions we provide are:

• Diverse mechatronic systems, applied to the industrial environment.

• Various components, for applied thermodynamics.

• Steam and condensate systems.

• Systems for the recovery of residual energy.

• Various dryers, especially for drying biomass and other industrial products.