Solid Designer

Unwrapping and Providing innovative solutions.

The Solid Designer® Group has expanded its engineering services since its creation in 2008. Its objective is to present and implement technological solutions. Equip it with advanced engineering and technical know-how aimed at the production process by applying advanced automatic controls and applications. . We offer total execution and support of projects to segment the needs of the Brazilian industry.


Automotive Sector

The Solid Designer® Group works in the automotive area with focus on the development of the product, Design and outsourcing of more than qualified work, as a team of advanced engineering and extensive experience in design for the innovation of its product. Assim or group increases their expectations for the future every day.

Industrial Sector

The Solid Designer® Group we have more than 10 years of experience in management, development of industrial equipment, as a team of advanced engineering, we propose and manufacture equipment and systems for the Brazilian Industry.

Agriculture Sector

Modern agriculture has been turned to meet the needs of the market, with high productivity and low cost, but the leaf that is the activity that causes the greatest impact on the environment, as this team is increasingly focused on bringing technology to farmers for agricultural and agricultural management.

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